Are Zac and Elizabeth from ‘Love Island’ still together?


The allure of Love Island is undeniable, drawing viewers in year after year with its enticing blend of romance, drama, and the promise of finding true love amidst a stunning backdrop. Love Island: USA quickly captivated audiences, offering its own unique twist on the beloved reality dating format.

Season 1 of Love Island: USA remains unforgettable for many fans, particularly due to the winning couple, Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli. Their on-screen chemistry and apparent connection made them instant favorites among viewers. However, as is often the case with reality TV romances, the journey from the island to real life proved to be challenging.

Despite initially portraying a picture-perfect relationship, Elizabeth and Zac ultimately parted ways not long after the season concluded. Elizabeth candidly shared updates on their relationship via social media, revealing that they had officially split in late 2019. While there were attempts at reconciliation, the couple ultimately decided to go their separate ways.


Although their romantic relationship came to an end, Elizabeth and Zac maintained a friendship in the aftermath of their breakup. Both chose to keep their subsequent dating lives relatively private, focusing on personal endeavors and growth. Elizabeth has since found love again with Gianni Settino, while Zac has pursued his interests, including fitness and entrepreneurship.

While their love story may not have had the fairytale ending some had hoped for, Elizabeth and Zac’s journey serves as a reminder of the complexities of relationships both on and off-screen. As they continue to navigate their respective paths, fans eagerly anticipate the next season of Love Island, eager to witness new connections and potential romances unfold.