Are Travis Kelce and his sister-in-law Kylie Kelce close?


The Kelce family is really close, like a winning football team. Kylie Kelce became Jason Kelce’s sister-in-law when she married him in 2018. Even before that, she was part of their football-loving family.

Kylie and Jason met in 2015 through Tinder. At first, Kylie wasn’t sure if Jason’s profile was real, but it turned out to be him. Since then, she’s been there for him at all his football games, even when he played against his brother, Travis Kelce, in the Super Bowl.

Travis and Jason share a special brotherly bond. They’re only two years apart and have always been very close. Travis even got emotional talking about their strong connection, saying how Jason always led the way and faced challenges. He’s been a big support for Travis.


Since Travis and Jason are so tight, it is important for Kylie to get along with both of them. Over time, she and Travis formed a close relationship, almost as close as Jason and Travis themselves.

Interestingly, even though Travis is a famous football player, he still asks Kylie for dating advice. They both met their partners on Tinder, so he figured she’d have some good tips. When Travis wanted to know if he should include a picture of himself with his new moustache in his dating profile, Kylie gave some tough but smart advice. She said, “If they’d swipe right at your worst, then they’ll love you at your best.” They laughed about it, showing how close they were.

Travis is also an awesome uncle to Kylie and Jason’s three daughters. Kylie raved about how he’s always ready to play and have fun with them. He’ll do anything they ask, like jumping up and down or even pretending to be a pony. He’s super involved in their lives and loves being their uncle.

However, Kylie admitted that she’s a bit hesitant about leaving Travis alone with all three kids for too long. She jokingly asked, “But then who is watching you?” Eventually, she said she’d trust him for about an hour, which made Travis happy.

So, overall, Travis and Kylie have a great relationship, both as family and as friends. They’re there for each other and have a lot of fun together.