Are there Stray Kids military dates?


As with many K-Pop groups, the inevitability of Stray Kids’ military service looms, a reality that fans will have to confront sooner or later. While the departure of favorite boy groups from the scene is an unfortunate aspect of the K-Pop industry, the age-related mandatory conscription in South Korea further complicates this situation.

At present, no confirmed dates have been announced for Stray Kids’ enlistment. However, projections are made based on the members’ ages and the compulsory military service regulations in South Korea. According to these regulations, all South Korean men aged between 18 and 28 are obliged to serve in the military due to the ongoing Korean War, with few exceptions.

Bang Chan, the oldest member of Stray Kids, holds dual citizenship (Korean and Australian), which exempts him from compulsory enlistment. Lee Know and Changbin, both aged 24, are expected to fulfill their military service obligations by 2028.


Hyunjin, Han Jisung, Felix, and Seungmin, born in the year 2000, are projected to enlist by 2029. The youngest member, I.N, will likely be required to start his military service in 2030. It’s worth noting that while these enlistment timelines are based on age, members might decide to commence their service earlier, individually or collectively, before reaching the age of 28.

As of now, there have been no indications or announcements from JYP Entertainment or the members themselves about an imminent enlistment. This means that fans, known as STAYS, can take comfort in knowing that there’s still some time to spend with the boys. Furthermore, there are rumors circulating about a possible world tour in 2024, hinting at more opportunities for fans to enjoy Stray Kids’ performances in the coming years.