Are Stop and Shop stores closing?


For over a century, Stop & Shop has been a staple in the New England grocery scene, serving communities across the region with quality products and convenience. With roots dating back to its founding in Somerville, MA, in 1914, Stop & Shop has grown into a bustling chain, boasting over 400 stores throughout the northeast United States.

However, even established giants like Stop & Shop face challenges in today’s competitive market, as evidenced by recent developments from its parent company, Ahold Delhaize. At the company’s annual Strategy Day meeting, Ahold Delhaize outlined plans to bolster the performance of Stop & Shop amid changing consumer trends and industry dynamics.

Acknowledging the need for strategic adjustments, Ahold Delhaize revealed intentions to close certain underperforming Stop & Shop locations in the Northeast. JJ Fleeman, CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA, emphasized the importance of ensuring a healthy store base for long-term growth while acknowledging the difficult decisions ahead.


Despite notable progress in e-commerce and revitalization efforts, Ahold Delhaize recognized that additional measures were necessary to optimize Stop & Shop’s performance. While specifics regarding store closures remain undisclosed, Fleeman assured investors that the company would prioritize markets where Stop & Shop maintains a strong presence and robust performance.

For loyal Stop & Shop patrons, this news may evoke concerns about the fate of their local stores. However, Fleeman reassured consumers that remodeled stores have demonstrated superior performance, suggesting that such locations may be spared from closures. With a focus on bolstering customer experience through expanded offerings, enhanced loyalty programs, and innovative technology integration, Ahold Delhaize aims to position Stop & Shop for sustained success.

As Stop & Shop navigates these strategic adjustments, it remains committed to its core mission of serving communities and delivering exceptional value to customers. Despite the forthcoming changes, Stop & Shop’s legacy of reliability and service continues to anchor its place in the hearts of New Englanders.