Aquaman 2 Ending Explained


The conclusion of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” encompasses several pivotal moments and themes that significantly impact the narrative and characters within the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Let’s delve into the crucial elements of the ending and the broader implications it holds:

Conflict with Black Manta: The movie centers on the conflict between Aquaman and Black Manta, driven by vengeance and an ancient curse. Black Manta seeks to find the Lost Kingdom of Necrus to break King Atlan’s curse and unleash an army to dominate Atlantis.

Black Manta’s Vengeful Plan: Black Manta plots to break the curse by sacrificing Arthur’s son, Arthur Jr., leveraging a family connection within Atlantis to fulfill his dark intentions.

Showdown and Defeat: The climax culminates in a decisive battle between Aquaman and Black Manta. Arthur saves his son and defeats Kordax, the spirit involved in the curse, using both the Black Trident and King Atlan’s trident.

Black Manta’s Fate: Despite Aquaman offering help, Black Manta, driven by deep-rooted hatred stemming from past events, refuses and falls into an abyss. The movie leaves his fate uncertain, concluding his arc in a poignant yet unresolved manner.

Atlantis’ Revelation and Impact: The film concludes with Atlantis being revealed to the surface world, marking a significant shift in how the underwater kingdom interacts with the world above. This event carries implications for future stories involving Atlanteans and humans coexisting.

Impact on the DCEU and DCU: While “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” concludes Arthur Curry’s storyline in the DCEU, its broader impact on the DC Extended Universe and the upcoming DC Universe remains uncertain. The movie’s theme of unity and connection between different worlds sets the stage for potential storytelling avenues.

Final Themes: The conclusion emphasizes the importance of unity and connections between diverse worlds. The narrative encapsulates a hopeful message, emphasizing understanding and collaboration amid differences, shaping a more cohesive and united future.

In essence, the ending of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” effectively ties up Arthur Curry’s narrative while setting the stage for potential developments in the broader DC movie universe. It underscores themes of reconciliation, unity, and understanding, signaling a hopeful future despite the uncertainties that lie ahead.