Apple’s next iPad mini could steal this iPad Pro feature


Earlier this month, Apple introduced the 2024 versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air. With the original iPad last updated in 2022, it’s expected to receive an update this fall. However, the iPad mini, whose current version dates back to 2021, seems to be overlooked. While new hardware for the iPad mini may still be some time away, the wait promises to be worthwhile.

According to the Korean news site Naver, Apple and Samsung Display are collaborating to bring OLED technology to future iterations of the iPad Air and iPad mini. However, this upgrade is unlikely to materialize before the second half of 2025, possibly extending into 2026. Although the delay might seem long, it aligns with Apple’s strategic approach.

Related to this, Apple recently launched the iPad Pro (2024) featuring the new M4 chip and Tandem OLED technology, which uses two stacked OLEDs. This cutting-edge display is currently exclusive to the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models, adding to their premium pricing. Apple’s strategy likely involves maximizing the exclusivity and profitability of this advanced display technology before extending it to its more affordable tablets.


Incorporating OLED technology into the mid-range iPad Air and iPad mini would be a logical next step for Apple. This move would leave the standard iPad as the only model without OLED. Recently, Apple reduced the price of the 10th-generation iPad from $449 to $349 for the base model, signaling its intention to position this version as its budget-friendly option for the foreseeable future.

While the prolonged wait for an OLED iPad mini might be frustrating, it’s encouraging to know that Apple is planning a significant upgrade for its smaller tablet. This upcoming enhancement suggests that Apple remains committed to providing advanced features across its entire tablet lineup, ensuring that the iPad mini remains a competitive and appealing choice for consumers.