Apple reportedly stops production of the eco-friendly accessories


It appears that Apple’s foray into FineWoven accessories has been met with widespread disappointment and criticism since its launch. Many have voiced concerns over the perceived lack of durability and susceptibility to damage of these products. Now, rumors suggest that Apple might be abandoning the entire FineWoven range, cutting its losses in response to the negative feedback.

Leaker Kosutami, known for sharing accurate information on Apple products, has claimed on X (formerly Twitter) that FineWoven has been discontinued. According to Kosutami, production of FineWoven accessories has ceased entirely due to the material’s poor durability. While Apple is expected to switch to a different substance for its accessories, it’s unlikely to revert to leather, which was discontinued at WWDC in June 2023, citing environmental concerns.

The specific material Apple will use for its future accessories remains a mystery, but there’s speculation that it could be unveiled at this year’s WWDC event. Considering Apple’s commitment to sustainability and the environmental impact of leather, reintroducing leather accessories would not align with the company’s messaging.


The FineWoven line has been a rare misstep for Apple, known for its high-quality products. Critics have lamented the rapid wear and tear experienced by FineWoven iPhone cases, likening them to “rotten bananas” and expressing dissatisfaction with their durability and texture. With previous leaks from Kosutami proving accurate, there’s credibility to the claim that Apple may be discontinuing FineWoven accessories in response to the widespread criticism they’ve received.