Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shares the worst part in his overall health scare experience


Steve Wozniak took a precautionary trip to hospital in Mexico City, where was attending business conference, after feeling a little dizzy. As per the reports of New York Times, the Apple co-founder learned at the hospital that he had suffered a minor stroke. A day later, he said in a interview, the hospital released him and he was “doing good.”

The health scare came during a trip to Mexico City, where Wozniak, 73, was scheduled to deliver a speech at a conference called the World Business Forum. The scientist revealed that the hospital did an M.R.I., he added and determined that he had a small capillary leak as well as symptoms of vertigo.

On Thursday, Wozniak flew back home in California, and was waiting for his dinner to be served, when he talked to the news outlet. “I’m back home and feeling good.”


Speaking of the worst part in overall health scare experience, which will now require him to cancel number of trips for speaking engagements in Dubai, Medellin, Columbia, and Azerbaijan, was that the hospital required him to stay on a gurney for 24 hours and would not let him roll onto his side.