Anya Taylor-Joy’s Potential as Female Silver Surfer in ‘Fantastic Four’: MCU Swiftly Correcting X-Men Franchise’s Past Missteps


Recent reports from insider Daniel “RPK” Richtman suggest that Marvel Studios has set its sights on Anya Taylor-Joy for a significant role in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. While the exact character she’s being considered for isn’t explicitly mentioned, rumors abound about the potential reimagining of Silver Surfer as a female character in director Matt Shakman’s film. The timing of these rumors shortly after Richtman correctly leaked Pedro Pascal’s casting as well lends credence to the possibility of Taylor-Joy’s involvement in Fantastic Four.

Considering the accuracy of Richtman’s previous casting leaks, there’s considerable weight to the idea that Taylor-Joy might indeed be on the brink of joining the Fantastic Four project. Moreover, given her versatility as an actress, it’s hard to envision anyone else embodying a female Silver Surfer as convincingly as her. If these rumors materialize, it appears that Marvel is swiftly rectifying one of the perceived missteps from Fox’s X-Men franchise.

This potential casting development arrives not long after the MCU’s initial nod to the X-Men universe in The Marvels’ post-credits scene. The possibility of Taylor-Joy reprising a Marvel role, notably distinct from her portrayal as Illyana Rasputin/Magik in The New Mutants, marks a significant opportunity for her within the MCU. While her casting in The New Mutants showcased her talent, the film’s underwhelming reception as the lowest-grossing Marvel movie of the 2020s left much to be desired. A role like Silver Surfer in the MCU could finally unleash her full potential and establish a long-standing presence within the Marvel cinematic landscape.


While the speculation surrounding Taylor-Joy potentially portraying Silver Surfer is prominent, there remains a chance that she could be eyed for another pivotal role, such as Sue Storm. Regardless of the character she embodies, her involvement in the Fantastic Four reboot appears promising and could offer an opportunity for her to shine within the MCU.