Anti-Israel protestors storm Russian airport following arrival of plane from Israel


Hundreds of anti-Israel stormed the airport in Russia after a plane from Israel had just arrived, which forced the security officials to shut the airport and remove the demonstrators.

Around twenty people were injured before forces contained the protest at Makhachkala airport, which is located in country’s predominantly Muslim Dagestan region, said the local authorities. The officials informed that the passengers on the plane were safe.

The unrest followed several other anti-Israel incidents in North Caucasus sparked by Israel’s war against Hamas militants in Gaza. The Dagestani government on early Monday said that it was strengthening security measures across the republic, which is home to 3 million people.


The unrest in the region could pose as a challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is waging a war in Ukraine and has faced a mutiny this year.

The video from the Russian airport, surfacing online, shows the demonstrators waving Palestinian flags, breaking down glass doors, and running through the airport shouting, “Allahu Akbar” or “God is Greatest.”

The protestors mostly included young men. A group of them was also seen trying to topple over a patrol truck.