Angelina Jolie’s Thoughts on Reconciliation with Father Jon Revealed!


Angelina Jolie, born Angelina Jolie Voight, comes from a family steeped in fame and fortune, as her father is the renowned actor Jon Voight. However, their relationship has been far from glamorous or harmonious. Jolie’s parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, parted ways when she was just two years old. Following their divorce, Jolie saw very little of her father, as Bertrand took on the responsibility of raising Angelina and her brother largely on her own, with Voight providing financial support from a distance.

As time went on, the tension between Jolie and her father grew. In 2002, Voight made a public statement expressing concern about his daughter’s mental well-being, suggesting she needed professional help. This comment effectively severed whatever fragile connection they had left. Jolie later expressed her hope for a more private and positive relationship with her father, emphasizing their mutual desire for each other’s well-being.

After nearly a decade, the two eventually reconciled, but the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Over time, a stronger father-daughter bond began to form.


Their reconciliation didn’t happen overnight. In 2010, Jolie hinted at the process of rebuilding her relationship with her father. A year later, Voight stood by her side on the red carpet for her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” In 2012, Jolie shared that they were making progress, including introducing Voight to her children. Despite this, she maintained a rule not to dwell on the past in their interactions.

The turning point came with a poignant moment: when Jolie’s mother passed away, she took the initiative to call her estranged father. This act marked the beginning of their renewed connection. Now, they find themselves on a more positive trajectory in their relationship.

Jolie’s journey into motherhood with Brad Pitt played a pivotal role in mending her relationship with her father. Initially, Voight hadn’t met his grandchildren, citing the need to be invited. However, as time passed and their relationship improved, he eventually met Jolie’s kids. In 2017, Jolie revealed that her children were instrumental in bridging the gap between her and her father. Their shared experience of being grandparents has facilitated a new and meaningful relationship.

Voight has embraced his role as a grandfather, understanding the importance of allowing the children to lead in their interactions. Jolie commends his approach, emphasizing the value of being a supportive and creative figure in their lives. From a distant father to a hands-on and caring grandfather, the evolution of Jolie and Voight’s relationship is a testament to the power of forgiveness and growth.