American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 1 Ending Explained!


In the first episode of American Horror Story Season 12, viewers are introduced to a series of eerie characters and unsettling events, hinting at the escalating madness to come.

This season takes a departure from the distinctive storylines of previous seasons and is based on Danielle Valentine’s novel, “Delicate Condition.” The narrative centers around actress and model Anna Alcott, portrayed by Emma Roberts, who undergoes unimaginable horrors before her pregnancy. Notably, Kim Kardashian also features in this season.

The episode opens with Anna, played by Julia Roberts, narrowly escaping an intruder. It then jumps back a week before this incident, setting the stage for unfolding events.


The identity of the intruder remains unknown, but their connection to other events previewed in the season is suggested.

In the final moments of the episode, Anna awakens, convinced she’s covered in blood, only to realize it’s actually her lipstick. Adeline, a friend of her husband Dexter’s former wife, had given her the lipstick earlier in the episode.

While Anna is mistaken about the blood, she proves correct about someone being in her home. A young woman is spotted hurrying past Anna’s house and escapes through the front door. This figure is likely Cara Delevingne’s character, Sonia. Notably, Sonia is an artist whose work is showcased in Dexter’s gallery, and Anna suspects her due to her resemblance to Dexter’s ex-wife.

Sonia’s entrance into the gallery complements Anna’s vivid red lipstick. Anna’s lipstick is smudged all over her nightgown and the carpets, and she uses it to leave a message on her mirror, indicating that she is the intruder in Anna’s house.

As the episode progresses, Anna conducts a Google search and discovers an article about Dexter’s late ex-wife, Adeline Harding, a chef who died in a tragic kitchen fire. While the show doesn’t provide extensive details about her, it’s clear that Anna harbours some envy towards her husband’s former spouse. The episode also hints at a perception that Adeline is more attractive than Anna, which unsettles Roberts’ character, especially given her vulnerable state due to her pregnancy. Adeline’s role in the narrative is expected to be significant, likely through an artist who bears a striking resemblance to her.

Another enigmatic character introduced is Lo Preecher, who seems to shadow Anna wherever she goes. In a particularly chilling sequence, Anna dreams of Preecher entering her room and pressing her bloodied mouth against Anna’s sewn-closed mouth. It remains unclear whether Preecher poses a genuine threat or if she is, in fact, looking out for Anna’s well-being. Anna understandably finds Preecher’s presence deeply unsettling, but she’s not the only one who appears to be closely observing Anna’s movements.