America Lopez on her tearful exit from ‘Big Brother 25’


After a unanimous vote saw Blue Kim evicted from the Big Brother house (located on Sound Stage 18 at CBS Studios in Los Angeles), the evening took an unexpected turn. Host Julie Chen Moonves announced the season’s second double eviction, once again putting America in jeopardy.

Bowie Jane emerged as the Head of Household, nominating both America Lopez and Felicia Cannon for eviction. Despite America’s pleas, Matt Klotz won the veto and chose to keep the nominations unchanged. This led to America’s unanimous eviction from the Big Brother house, a particularly emotional moment for the 27-year-old.

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly, America shared her feelings about leaving the house. She admitted that the past few weeks had been the most challenging for her, and that her departure was the most emotional exit of the season. She explained that she hadn’t realized just how much the experience meant to her until the moment of her eviction.


Reflecting on the difficulty of the situation, America recalled a heart-wrenching moment when she turned to Jag, likely a fellow houseguest, and asked if she was the next to leave. She could see the truth in his eyes, and this realization was what broke her. The weight of the past 86 days and the joy she had experienced all came crashing down on her at once.

America went on to describe the constant pressure and tension she felt in the Big Brother house due to the constant surveillance, harsh lighting, and other challenging aspects of the environment. She expressed a strong desire to continue playing the game, not yet ready for her journey to come to an end.

As the season continues with only five houseguests remaining, the big question remains: who will walk away with the $750,000 cash prize? Will it be Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, Bowie Jane, Felicia Cannon, or Cirie Fields? Viewers can catch the action on CBS or Paramount Plus with new episodes of Big Brother 25 airing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.