Ambitious Sonic Forces Mod Transforms into What Resembles a Sequel


Sonic Forces Overclocked stands as a remarkable fan-made mod that serves as a direct sequel to the original Sonic Forces game, offering players a completely fresh experience compared to the base title. Initially released in 2017 as part of Sonic’s 25th-anniversary celebration alongside Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces depicted Sonic and his allies combating Dr. Eggman’s conquest of the world, allowing players to control Sonic, his past self, and a customizable avatar character.

However, Sonic Forces faced criticism for its notably short levels, repetitive boss encounters, and underutilization of its potentially engaging premise involving Sonic’s past adversaries teaming up. Despite its shortcomings, some fans recognized certain positive aspects within the game, spurring an active modding community seeking to enhance the original title. A dedicated group of enthusiasts opted to create a sequel to Forces, unveiling the mod just in time for the holiday season.

Dubbed Sonic Forces Overclocked and released on GameBanana by the Overclocked Team, this mod completely transforms the base game by introducing original levels, fresh obstacles, and new gameplay mechanics. Drawing inspiration from other 3D Sonic titles like Unleashed and Generations, the mod offers animated cutscenes, voiced dialogue contributed by a team known as Adrenaline Dubs from the Sonic IDW comic fandubbing community, and even includes a prequel episode featuring Metal Sonic as a playable character. A trailer showcasing glimpses of the mod’s levels, voice acting, and cutscenes was shared on YouTube to commemorate its release.


The mod’s narrative unfolds a few months after the events of Sonic Forces, where Sonic, along with the Resistance and the player avatar, must confront a collaboration between Infinite and Neo Metal Sonic. The antagonists are utilizing the power of the Phantom Ruby to forge their own iteration of Eggman’s army, prompting the heroes to thwart their nefarious scheme. Developed by dedicated fans since 2019, the successful release of this extensive mod is a testament to their dedication, especially considering it revitalizes a game previously deemed mediocre upon its original release.

The playthrough of this mod, demonstrated in a stream by developers and voice actors, spans approximately one to two hours, showcasing the substantial alterations made from the base game. As this mod is tailored for the PC version of Sonic Forces, players will need to own a copy of the game on Steam. Coinciding with Sega’s Winter Sale, which includes Sonic Forces at a discounted price of $10, the mod’s release timing aligns perfectly for fans eager to delve into this enhanced Sonic experience.