Amber Heard’s Latest Trailer Preview Sparks a Reaction on Twitter About Her Return!


Amber Heard is making a strong comeback in Hollywood after the release of a teaser for her upcoming movie, “In the Fire,” and people have varying opinions about it.

Heard has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time and has played significant roles in the past, such as Mera in “Aquaman” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” However, her acting career faced a major setback in 2019 when the high-profile Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial began. Depp accused Heard of defamation following her 2018 op-ed piece, where she alleged physical assault and “sexual violence” during their marriage. The trial, which started in April 2022, gained national attention, with many supporting Depp. Ultimately, the jury sided with Depp, concluding that Amber Heard had “acted with actual malice.”

Since the trial, Heard has been a polarizing figure, facing significant backlash and hatred. She spoke about the negativity in an interview with “Today,” expressing how dehumanizing it felt to be the target of such intense hostility. Heard’s return to acting was uncertain, given her controversial status, but the response has been somewhat surprising.


Twitter is divided in its reaction to Amber Heard’s upcoming project, “In the Fire.” The trailer for this thriller has generated both support and criticism for her Hollywood comeback. Some users on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter) have expressed their enthusiasm for the movie, with one tweet saying, “Not only do we have a new spooky movie, not only is it a period piece, but it has my girl amber??? We WILL be seated.” However, not everyone is thrilled about the project, as evidenced by a tweet stating, “This looks like a must-miss. Would not even recommend the trailer.” The mixed sentiments on Heard’s new endeavor are evident, but the actor remains excited about her future in the industry.

Heard discussed the upcoming film in June 2023, just before a writer’s strike began, although she couldn’t divulge many details due to the strike. She described the movie as exploring the boundaries of love and its creation, emphasizing the overwhelming power of love. While the “In the Fire” trailer may not explicitly convey a love story, it appears to carry a deeper meaning beneath its thrilling surface. For Amber Heard, this film marks a fresh chapter in her career journey, regardless of public opinion.