Amber Heard speaks out: Addressing the ‘Aquaman 2’ Mera Controversy


Amber Heard finally broke her silence regarding her involvement in the sequel to “Aquaman” through an Instagram post on Wednesday, expressing gratitude to her supporters for their immense love and backing towards her reprisal as Mera in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

“After a considerable period, Aquaman 2 has made quite the splash (pardon the pun). Heartfelt thanks to all my fans for the incredible support and affection towards Mera’s return in AQ,” she penned. “Your encouragement means the world. #aquaman.”

This social media update marked Heard’s return to Instagram after a hiatus since July and her initial acknowledgment of her role as Mera in the upcoming film after remaining silent for months.


Despite her absence from the movie’s promotional events, speculation swirled about the reasons behind her reduced screen time, especially considering reports that she only has 11 lines in the sequel.

There had been widespread conjecture linking Heard’s diminished presence in the film to her tumultuous legal disputes with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. In 2019, a petition circulated on urging the producers to remove her from “Aquaman 2,” amassing over 4.6 million signatures.

During Depp’s defamation trial against Heard in 2022, she revealed her struggle to retain her role in the movie, stating that the studio initially didn’t want her included and had altered the script, removing crucial action scenes involving her character.

Reports emerged in October suggesting that Elon Musk, Heard’s former boyfriend, played a role in preserving her part in the film. Allegedly, Musk sent a stern message to Warner Bros., threatening severe repercussions if Heard was ousted from the production.

Director James Wan clarified to Entertainment Weekly that the sequel’s focus had always been on different characters, emphasizing a shift from a romantic action-adventure in the first movie to a bromantic action-adventure in the second, focusing primarily on Arthur and Orm rather than Mera’s central role.