Amazon Unveils Trainium2 AI Chip and Graviton4 Processor, Deepens Collaboration with Nvidia in Cloud Services

AWS Aims for Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions, Introducing Next-Gen AI Chips and Expanding Nvidia GPU Access


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making significant strides in the cloud computing landscape with the announcement of its latest Trainium2 artificial intelligence chip and the Graviton4 processor during the Reinvent conference in Las Vegas. This move signifies Amazon’s commitment to offering top-of-the-line products, including Nvidia’s latest H200 AI graphics processing units, as it competes in a market where innovation and efficiency are paramount.

The Graviton4 processors, built on Arm architecture, boast energy efficiency, consuming less power than their Intel or AMD counterparts. Amazon claims that Graviton4 delivers 30% better performance than its predecessor, Graviton3, offering improved output for the cost-conscious. With inflation on the rise, AWS customers looking to optimize costs while maintaining performance may find Graviton4 an attractive option.

Over 50,000 AWS customers are already using Graviton chips, with startups like Databricks and Amazon-backed Anthropic planning to leverage the new Trainium2 chips. Trainium2 promises four times better performance than its predecessor, opening avenues for enhanced AI model development.


In a dual-pronged strategy, AWS aims to operate over 16,000 Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips, which include H100 GPUs and Nvidia’s Arm-based general-purpose processors, exclusively for Nvidia’s research and development group. While other AWS customers won’t have access to these specific chips, the collaboration underscores the growing demand for Nvidia GPUs in the wake of increased interest in generative AI technologies, exemplified by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Traditionally, the introduction of an AI chip by a cloud provider might pose a challenge to chip manufacturers like Nvidia. However, Amazon’s simultaneous expansion of its collaboration with Nvidia indicates a strategic alignment to meet diverse customer needs. AWS customers now have more choices for AI computing, including the latest Nvidia GPUs.

While Amazon holds a leadership position in cloud computing, it continues to invest in the Graviton and Trainium programs, demonstrating its anticipation of market demand. AWS customers can begin testing Graviton4 virtual-machine instances, with commercial availability expected in the coming months. Release dates for virtual-machine instances with Nvidia H200 chips and Trainium2 silicon were not disclosed in the announcement.