Allison Williams Fondly Recollects Son’s Early Years, Playfully Teases Forgetting His First Words!


During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Allison Williams shared insights into her son Arlo’s early years, revealing moments when he tried to communicate things she wished she had understood back then. Williams, who shares two-year-old Arlo with fiancé Alexander Dreymon, reflected on his growth, noting how watching baby videos of him now feels like seeing him in a body that hadn’t fully expressed itself.

She recounted instances when Arlo made sounds that newborns typically do, realizing that he was trying to convey much more than they initially grasped. She confessed that sometimes they mistook his attempts for simple needs like a diaper change, when in reality, he was posing complex questions.

Host Seth Meyers acknowledged the retrospective nature of parenting, where looking back allows them to recognize elements of their child’s personality that were present all along. Williams agreed, emphasizing that Arlo has remained true to himself consistently.


When asked about Arlo’s first words on TODAY With Hoda & Jenna, Williams admitted struggling to recall, speculating that it might have been a versatile “Hi” he used for various purposes. Jenna reassured her that forgetting first words is common among parents.

Williams went on to describe Arlo’s early attempts at speech, noting that while he did utter a few words, they weren’t always entirely clear. She humorously recounted “dada” being a prominent word in his vocabulary for a while, adding a lighthearted touch to her frustration in finding it featured prominently in a journal entry. In it, she quipped about her son’s preference for “dada,” playfully exclaiming, “They brought him into the world, and he hasn’t uttered my name yet. How dare they?”