All ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ arcs in order


Basking in its status as an iconic anime since its debut in 1992, Yu Yu Hakusho faces the challenge of upholding its esteemed reputation. The latest testament to its enduring popularity is the arrival of a new live-action adaptation on Netflix.

Following the footsteps of esteemed adaptations like One Piece and Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho is garnering fresh attention with its introduction to the world’s largest streaming platform. Early reviews have been positive, indicating that this adaptation has the potential to revolutionize the Shonen narrative, garnering the attention it rightly deserves.

For those eager to delve into the intricacies of this captivating ghostly tale, understanding the story arcs in their order is crucial. With the series already concluded, the story arcs remain fixed, offering a total of four arcs in Yu Yu Hakusho. The optimal way to experience the anime series is by following its chronological order. Here’s a breakdown of the arcs and their corresponding positions in both the anime and manga:


– Spirit Detective Saga: Chapters 1-51 (Episodes 1-25)
– Dark Tournament Saga: Chapters 52-113 (Episodes 26-66)
– The Chapter Black Saga: Chapters 113-153 (Episodes 67-94)
– Saga of the Three Kings: Chapters 154-175 (Episodes 95-112)

Understanding this sequence makes it significantly easier to navigate through both the manga and anime adaptations. It allows you to identify the commencement of a new arc or the culmination of an ongoing one. Moreover, this knowledge will undoubtedly aid in appreciating crucial moments within the live-action adaptation. A particular emphasis is placed on not missing or overlooking any elements from The Chapter Black Saga – it holds significance in the storyline that will enhance your viewing experience.