All ‘Tokyo Revengers’ arcs in order!


“Tokyo Revengers” has become a prominent name in the world of anime and manga, particularly for enthusiasts of sci-fi narratives. Ken Wakui’s creation debuted in 2017, but it was in 2021 that it truly gained momentum. The first season proved to be one of the standout anime hits of the year, drawing in a fresh wave of fans and significantly amplifying the buzz surrounding the manga.

Boasting a well-calibrated blend of engaging action sequences and romance, “Tokyo Revengers” has a broad appeal, catering to a diverse audience. Its narrative is peppered with enough plot twists to keep the story consistently engaging. However, one need not solely rely on personal opinion to gauge the series’ success. A concrete indicator lies in its inclusion in the list of best-selling manga of all time, currently surpassing esteemed titles like “Berserk,” “Haikyuu!!,” “Gintama,” and “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

Like any manga or anime, “Tokyo Revengers” is structured into distinct story arcs, aiding in the organization of its narrative and plotlines. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to delve deeper into the series or a devoted fan aiming to revisit favored plot points, knowing where each arc commences and concludes proves invaluable. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list for you, along with information about their placement in both the manga and anime.


**Tokyo Revengers’ Story Arcs:**

1. Toman arc — Manga chapters 1-12; Anime episodes 1-5
2. Moebius arc — Manga chapters 13-33; Anime episodes 6-12
3. Valhalla arc — Manga chapters 34-77; Anime episodes 13-25
4. Black Dragon arc — Manga chapters 78-121; Anime episodes 26-37
5. Tenjiku arc — Manga chapters 122-185; Anime episodes 37-present
6. Bonten arc — Manga chapters 186-206
7. Final arc — Manga chapters 207-278
– Three Deities arc — Manga chapters 207-235
– Kanto Manji arc — Manga chapters 236-278

Indeed, the number of arcs in “Tokyo Revengers” may seem relatively modest compared to some other prominent Shonen titles. For dedicated fans, there’s a palpable desire for even more exploration within the story. Nevertheless, “Tokyo Revengers” undoubtedly stands as a series well worth the investment of your time and attention.