All forms of Gohan in ‘Dragon Ball’


Gohan, a pivotal character in the Dragon Ball series, has undergone significant transformations, each marking a remarkable shift in his power levels. Here’s an overview of the various forms Gohan has achieved throughout the franchise and the corresponding power levels:

1. Base Form: Gohan’s initial form represents his baseline power level without any enhancements. Despite being his starting point, Gohan in his base form has demonstrated exceptional potential and latent power.

2. Great Ape Form: Like all Saiyans, Gohan possesses the ability to transform into a Great Ape when exposed to a full moon while possessing a tail. In this form, his power exponentially increases, but it comes with a loss of control and consciousness.


3. Super Saiyan: Gohan achieves this legendary transformation, which dramatically enhances his power, speed, and strength. His first Super Saiyan transformation occurs during the Cell Saga, showcasing immense potential and a significant boost in power.

4. Super Saiyan 2: Considered one of the most pivotal moments for Gohan, this form represents a substantial power surge beyond Super Saiyan. During the Cell Games, Gohan reaches this form and becomes the first to defeat the antagonist Cell, showcasing unparalleled strength.

5. Potential Unleashed/Mystic Form: After the events of the Buu Saga, Gohan’s potential is unlocked by the Elder Kai, reaching a new level of power without transforming physically. This form unleashes Gohan’s dormant power to its maximum, making him incredibly formidable.

6. Ultimate Gohan: A culmination of Gohan’s unlocked potential, this state is often referred to as Ultimate Gohan or Mystic Gohan. It combines the immense power unlocked by the Elder Kai with Gohan’s skills and experience, making him one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

Throughout the series, Gohan’s power levels fluctuate and evolve, with his potential playing a significant role in the narrative progression of Dragon Ball. His various forms not only depict his growth but also highlight his pivotal role in pivotal battles and story arcs within the franchise.