All ‘Chainsaw Man’ arcs ranked


Originally serialized in Shonen Jump in 2018, Chainsaw Man stands out as one of the most highly anticipated and acclaimed shonen manga of all time. Crafted by the skilled hands of Tatsuki Fujimoto, who both wrote and illustrated the series, Chainsaw Man seamlessly weaves together elements of romance, comedy, and cinematic references, captivating readers with its unique blend of genres.

The ongoing manga unfolds across nine distinct arcs, with four of them making a successful transition into an anime adaptation available on Crunchyroll. The initial eight arcs collectively form the Public Safety Saga, which encapsulates the series’ first two years. Presently, the narrative has transitioned into the Academy Saga, embarking on its second arc. The English versions of the manga are published both digitally and in print by Viz Media.

Warning: The following discussion contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man.

8. Introduction (Zombie Devil): While every arc in Chainsaw Man holds its own appeal, the Introduction arc stands out with its distinct lack of Power. Unfolding in Chapter 1 of the manga and episode 1 of the anime, this arc thrusts readers into Denji’s world, where he undergoes a transformative experience, becoming a human-devil hybrid during a confrontation with the Zombie Devil. As the story unfolds, Denji grapples with loss, particularly the demise of his canine-like companion, the Chainsaw Devil named Pochita. The mysterious Makima from the Public Safety Division intervenes, offering Denji a chance at a new life, setting the stage for the series’ intricate plot.

7. Justice Devil: Marking a return from a two-year hiatus in Chapter 124, the Justice Devil arc introduces Asa Mitaka, a character who adds a fresh dynamic to the narrative. As a relatable, shy, and self-defeating girl, Asa forms a pact with the War Devil, seeking revenge against the now-famous Chainsaw Man. Fujimoto weaves a tale that explores new dimensions of the devilish cosmology, hinting at challenges and hardships ahead for both Asa and Denji.

6. Bomb Girl: Debuting in Chapter 40 of the manga, the Bomb Girl arc delves into Chainsaw Man’s intricate exploration of sexuality and broader themes of friendships, relationships, and manipulation. This arc, which also serves as the basis for the Chainsaw Man film, introduces the devil-human hybrid Reze, thrusting Denji into a life-threatening battle with a girl whose affections are a facade concealing deadly intentions.

5. Eternity Devil: The Eternity Devil arc, making its debut in Chapter 14 of the manga, provides a glimpse into the vast powers that Devils possess and the mind-bending nature of their existence. As the characters confront the Eternity Devil in the form of an endless hotel reminiscent of The Shining, Fujimoto explores the series’ grand themes, with Power playing a crucial role in devising a solution that breaks free from the Devil’s grasp.

4. Bat Devil: Chapter 6 of the manga and episode 3 of the anime bring forth the Bat Devil arc, an installment that could easily claim the top spot due to its focus on Meowy, the adopted stray cat of Chainsaw Man’s endearing character, Power. Power’s innocence, fearlessness, and unique characteristics are spotlighted when the Bat Devil captures her pet, leading to a gripping narrative involving sacrifices and unexpected alliances.

3. Katana Man: Debuting in Chapter 23 of the manga and featured in episode 8 of the anime, the Katana Man arc contributes significantly to the series’ worldbuilding. Introducing the expanded Special Division 4, the arc delves into the challenges faced by Aki as he unites fiends, devils, and powerful hunters to combat the Gun Devil. The narrative takes a shocking turn as the division faces a coordinated assault, leading to significant losses and the deepening enigma surrounding Makima.

2. International Assassins: A fan-favorite, the International Assassins arc unfolds in Chapters 53 to 70, introducing Quanxi, a swordswoman and lesbian icon. As tensions escalate internationally, Quanxi and her harem of devils and fiends join the pursuit of Denji in Japan. The arc takes a surreal turn as the Darkness Devil makes a grand appearance, leaving a lasting impact on the surviving cast while exploring the mysterious powers of Makima.

1. Gun Devil: Chapters 71 to 79 witness the culmination of Makima’s manipulations in the Gun Devil arc. While the Gun Devil’s presence is felt early on in the anime, its full impact unfolds in the manga, culminating in a heart-wrenching final battle. Fujimoto fearlessly explores dark themes, resulting in an emotionally charged narrative that includes the death of Aki and profound ramifications for the surviving characters.

Control Devil: The revelation of Makima’s true identity as the Control Devil unfolds in the climax of Chainsaw Man. Makima’s role as the orchestrator behind Denji’s trials becomes apparent, driven not by pure evil but by a desire to utilize the unique powers of the Chainsaw Devil to reshape the world by erasing Devils from history. As the series concludes its first part, Denji faces a moment of profound realization and closure.

Chainsaw Man, with its diverse and intricate arcs, continues to captivate audiences, offering a unique blend of action, emotion, and thought-provoking themes. The series stands as a testament to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s storytelling prowess and ability to create a compelling and multi-faceted shonen narrative.