All ‘Chainsaw Man’ arcs in order, listed


Chainsaw Man emerges as an exceptionally visceral and graphic anime and manga series, delighting audiences with its unabashedly intense content. While the compelling and inventive characters certainly play a significant role in its appeal, it’s the grim and action-laden storyline that ensnares our attention and holds us captive.

Set around Denji’s journey, the narrative thrusts readers into a realm overrun by Devils, entities that thrive on humanity’s fears to amplify their strength. In the realm of dark fantasy premises, this world stands out as an incredibly compelling and engaging setting, wouldn’t you agree?

Debuting in 2018, Tatsuki Fujimoto struck gold with the creation of Chainsaw Man. However, after a two-year serialization run, the manga entered a hiatus. It wasn’t until July 2022 that new chapters began to grace the shelves, accompanied later that year by an eagerly anticipated anime adaptation.


The impact of the anime’s first season was palpable as Chainsaw Man saw a meteoric rise in manga sales. Not only did the source material reap its deserving success, but the anime swiftly carved a niche for itself as one of the standout releases of 2022. Naturally, the hype surrounding the series continually draws new enthusiasts, and diving into this thrilling universe becomes an enticing proposition.

For newcomers, understanding a series’ premise typically serves as the initial step. In the case of Chainsaw Man, comprehending its structured storytelling becomes equally crucial. Like many anime and manga counterparts, the series unfolds through distinct arcs, facilitating a more organized and coherent narrative. Is it imperative to grasp every arc to fully relish the series? Not necessarily, but possessing knowledge about these arcs proves beneficial for rewatching, rereading, or engaging in discussions about specific story segments.

As of now, Chainsaw Man’s manga comprises 12 story arcs, neatly divided into two parts or sagas. Season 1 of the anime adapted four arcs, while an upcoming animated film, Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc, will bring another arc to life on the screen. Presently, here are all the delineated arcs in Chainsaw Man:

Part 1 – Public Safety Saga

1. Introduction arc – Chapters 1-4, episodes 1-2
2. Bat Devil arc – Chapters 5-12, episodes 2-5
3. Eternity Devil arc – Chapters 13-21, episodes 5-7
4. Katana Man arc – Chapters 22-39, episodes 8-12
5. Bomb Girl arc – Chapters 40-52, Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc
6. International Assassins arc – Chapters 53-70
7. Gun Devil arc – Chapters 71-79
8. Control Devil arc – Chapters 80-97


Part 2 – Academy Saga

1. Justice Devil arc – Chapters 98-111
2. Dating Denji arc – Chapters 112-120
3. Falling Devil arc – Chapters 121-131
4. Current arc – Chapters 132-present

For enthusiasts, the Chainsaw Man manga is readily available on Manga Plus by Shueisha, while all anime episodes can be streamed on platforms like Crunchyroll or Hulu.