All Batman actors in order


Batman, the iconic superhero of Gotham City, is nearing a monumental milestone: his centenary in 2039, marking a hundred years since his first appearance. Throughout his extensive history, Batman has ventured into various forms of media, but it’s the silver screen that solidified his status as a pop culture icon. Here’s a rundown of the actors who’ve portrayed the Caped Crusader on the cinematic stage:

  1. Lewis Wilson (1943) – In the first big-screen adaptation, Wilson portrayed Batman in a 15-chapter serial. Despite its flaws, this version set the groundwork for future portrayals.
  2. Robert Lowery (1949) – Lowery donned the Batsuit for another 15-part serial that was fun but notably low-budget. It was a modest addition to the cinematic legacy.
  3. Adam West (1966) – Known for its campy and joyfully goofy tone, Adam West’s Batman series made its way to the big screen with the show’s main cast and various villains.
  4. Michael Keaton (1989-1992) – Tim Burton’s take on Batman departed from the campiness, offering a darker, more serious portrayal. Keaton’s casting initially sparked backlash but proved to be a massive hit.
  5. Val Kilmer (1995) – Kilmer appeared as Batman in “Batman Forever,” but his tenure was short-lived due to various issues and disagreements on set.
  6. George Clooney (1997) – Clooney’s portrayal in “Batman and Robin” faced significant criticism, and the film is remembered for its campiness and less-than-stellar reception.
  7. Christian Bale (2005-2012) – Christopher Nolan’s trilogy with Bale as Batman gave a gritty, realistic take on the character, garnering widespread acclaim and popularity.
  8. Ben Affleck (2016-2022) – Affleck’s Batman was part of DC’s shared universe but faced mixed reactions, and the actor himself grew weary of the role towards the end.
  9. Robert Pattinson (2022-present) – Pattinson’s Batman in “The Batman” offered a brooding, intense portrayal, marking a return to a more serious tone.
  10. Michael Keaton (Again) – Keaton reprised his role for “The Flash,” connecting his portrayal to earlier Batman films and potentially setting up further appearances.
  11. George Clooney (Again) – In a surprise cameo in “The Flash,” Clooney’s Batman briefly returned, creating a moment of bizarre yet enjoyable nostalgia.

Batman’s cinematic journey has seen various interpretations, from campy and fun to dark and brooding. Each actor brought their unique touch to the character, contributing to the enduring legacy of the Dark Knight on the big screen.