Alix Earle breaks down while opening up about her eating disorder during high school days


TikTok star Alix Earle got emotional while revealing that she suffered from eating disorder during her “toxic” high school.

Earle explained that she has never had a problem with food before high school. But during her sophomore year, she witnessed her classmates “paying thousands of dollars” to go on “extreme diets.”

“In my mind, I knew that this wasn’t normal at first but after watching their habits and watching them lose weight and watching them be so satisfied over this, it became more normalized for me,” Earle admitted on Thursday’s episode of her ‘Hot Mess’ podcast.


Being graduated from Red Bank Catholic High School, the influencer claimed, that looking back, her school was very toxic when it came to girls’ relationship with food. She said that she went from “someone who had a very healthy relationship with food” to “someone who did not.”

The 22-year-old mentioned that she transitioned from eating normal lunch to a small salad without dressing.

Earle’s eating disorder got at its worse when she would return home hungry and would binge eat, only to later “purge” out of guilt for consuming calories.