Alibaba Unveils Aidge: AI Suite to Revolutionize Global Enterprise Operations

Alibaba’s Commerce-Centric AI Solution Aims to Simplify Global Operations for SMEs


Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group has taken a significant step in advancing global enterprise operations with the pilot launch of Aidge, its innovative AI-powered suite of APIs. Representing “AI for Digital and Global Entrepreneurship,” Aidge is designed to elevate business performance, reduce costs, and streamline operations for enterprises worldwide. The suite is built on Alibaba International’s proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) and computer vision models, leveraging the company’s deep insights into global e-commerce dynamics.

Addressing Challenges for SMEs in Global Commerce

As small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in global commerce encounter various challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and talent shortages, Aidge emerges as a solution to simplify these complexities. Alibaba International aims to empower SMEs by providing a comprehensive suite of more than 15 APIs covering aspects like consumer insight, content localization, marketing, design, and customer service.


Kaifu Zhang, Vice President of Alibaba International, leading the company’s AI initiatives, emphasizes Aidge’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of SMEs. The suite aims to enhance conversion rates and operational efficiency by offering solutions in critical areas, including content localization, customer service, and marketing.

Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers

Aidge’s primary utility lies in assisting businesses in overcoming language and cultural barriers. Internal applications of Aidge within Alibaba International have demonstrated its effectiveness in significantly enhancing order conversion, consumer satisfaction, and time efficiency for SMEs. The AI suite introduces various agents specializing in sales conversion, customer inquiry and request management, and search engine optimization.

Daraz: A Strategic Partner in Aidge’s Pilot Testing

Daraz, a South Asian e-commerce platform, is among the platforms conducting pilot testing with Aidge. Daraz plans to enhance its Daraz Instant Message feature using Aidge, providing timely and efficient communication between buyers and sellers through AI-generated prompts. This automation aims to elevate the shopping experience for consumers while empowering sellers to optimize their operations and online stores.

Tatiana Palhares, Chief Product Officer of Daraz, expresses excitement about integrating Aidge technology, anticipating it to be a potential game-changer for their business. By leveraging Aidge’s capabilities, Daraz aims to enhance its platform experience and enable sellers to focus on business growth.

In conclusion, Alibaba’s Aidge stands at the forefront of AI innovation, poised to transform global enterprise operations. With a focus on simplifying complexities for SMEs in global commerce, Aidge represents a strategic leap towards a more efficient, interconnected, and AI-driven business landscape.