Alarming Incident: Man Threatens to Shoot Pokemon GO Player!


In 2016, the launch of Pokemon GO brought the dream of becoming a real-life Pokemon trainer to fruition, garnering widespread excitement. However, along with this innovative gaming experience came a set of challenges. One recurring issue revolves around car accidents involving players engrossed in the game, despite explicit warnings from the developer. The game itself deploys alerts to ensure players are passengers, not drivers. The Pokemon GO FAQ advises users to have fun while also being vigilant of obstacles, traffic, pedestrians, and inappropriate locations. Amidst this, a trainer shared a harrowing encounter they faced while immersed in the world of Pokemon GO.

Reddit user The_big_strombilo recounted a disturbing incident where they were threatened by an armed individual while engrossed in a Pokemon GO battle. Recalling the event on the game’s subreddit, they described being parked at a church, engaged in a Gengar Raid. Suddenly, a man in close proximity voiced his unfamiliarity with the player and menacingly declared his armed status, insisting that the player vacate the premises or face dire consequences. Despite the player’s fear, they discerned that the man was not a security guard or law enforcement officer. They explained their involvement in Pokemon GO, but the man remained unmoved. To de-escalate the situation, the player chose to leave the parking lot, ultimately prompting the police to track down the individual responsible for the threat.

Other Redditors expressed relief upon learning that The_big_strombilo emerged from the ordeal unscathed. Some shared similar tales, such as one trainer who was approached by the police shortly after Pokemon GO’s launch. This individual recounted a Friday night quest for a rare Snorlax, showing their phone screen to the officer, who departed with a mix of pity and annoyance. While both The_big_strombilo and this trainer navigated tense situations without further incident, not all Pokemon GO enthusiasts have been as fortunate, with some falling victim to robberies while in pursuit of their virtual quarry.


While Pokemon GO grants players the exhilarating opportunity to capture and battle Pokemon in real-world settings, it is imperative that trainers remain acutely aware of their surroundings. Niantic, the developer, has underscored this point since the game’s inception. While certain circumstances, like The_big_strombilo’s encounter, may be unavoidable, exercising caution is paramount to ensuring the safety and continued enjoyment of the Pokemon GO experience.