Alan Wake 2: Where Is The Talk Show Door Codes


In Alan Wake 2, players will be thrust into Alan’s warped nightmares and distorted memories of his past as he attempts to outwit and outwrite the Dark Presence that still has him ensnared in the twisting reality of the Dark Place. During the first section, where players are given control of Alan, they will need to find two slightly different codes to the same keycard-locked studio door in order to proceed. Below, players can find what those codes are and where they can be found in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 Talk Show Door Codes

After interacting with the TV in the guest room Alan starts the chapter in, players will be treated to a lengthy and amusing live-action scene. Once it ends, players will find themselves in control of Alan in the empty studio. After exiting the room, if players turn right and head down to the end of the hallway, they will encounter a door with a locked keypad requiring a three-digit code.


Players then should proceed down the other end of the hallway, where there are a few more rooms. Entering one of them, players will find themselves in the green room for the show’s band, Old Gods of Asgard. Next to the mirrors in this room, there is a flashing neon sign that displays “665. Neighbor of the Beast.” This is the first code for the above keypad.

Players can then return to the keypad door and enter 6-6-5 to unlock it and continue on through the exit doors. Beyond them, there will be another room marked “Storage.” Upon entering this room and interacting with the next door, the surroundings will change, and another cutscene will trigger. After that, players will find themselves in Alan Wake 2’s version of a safe room. Once they have followed the prompt to examine the items in this room, another live-action sequence will play out.

After this third scene, players will find themselves back again in the abandoned studio. Following the same path through the hallway to the keypad door, players may try entering the same code but will notice it does not work, as it is different the second time.

Players then can return to the band’s room and see that the neon sign is now flashing 5-6-5 in order. Players should return to the keypad door one last time and enter this version of the code. After entering the second code, players will finally be able to head to the Storage area again, where the story will continue from there.