Alan Wake 2: Streamside Stash Key & Container Locations!


In Alan Wake 2, players can discover a valuable Cult Stash near the Crow’s Foot Hills within Cauldron Lake. To unlock its contents, they’ll need to use the Streamside Stash Key. Some may encounter difficulty in locating either the key itself or the container it unlocks. This guide is designed to assist players in both scenarios.

The container tied to the Streamside Stash Key is situated near the Crow’s Foot Hills in the southwest quadrant of Cauldron Lake. More precisely, it can be found at the campsite just north of the Crow’s Foot Hills. The exact location has been clearly marked on the provided map.

Regarding the Streamside Stash Key’s location, players should head to the campsite north of the Crow’s Foot Hills, activate their flashlights, and face southward. They’ll notice a series of yellow arrows on the trees, pointing in the same direction. Following these arrows will lead them directly to the key, resting atop a rock. For added clarity, the position of the Streamside Stash Key has also been highlighted on the guide’s map. Players are encouraged to return to the container once they’ve obtained the key.


Inside the container unlocked by the Streamside Stash Key, players will discover a Hand Flare, Shotgun Ammo, and a Trauma Pad. While these may not be the most thrilling items, they can prove to be highly valuable, especially in the early stages of Alan Wake 2. Players are therefore advised to take a moment to address the Streamside Stash Key and container before continuing their exploration of Cauldron Lake.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the sole Cult Stash in Cauldron Lake. Another can be found in the area designated as Streamside. While no key is required to open this container, players will need to solve Alan Wake 2’s Rock Rock Tree puzzle. Although it may initially seem challenging, those who apply the lessons learned from the Streamside Stash Key should eventually succeed in resolving the puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 is accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.