Alan Wake 2 Releases Update 08!


What’s the Alan Wake 2 Release Update 08? Let’s find out!

Update 08 for Alan Wake 2 has been released across all platforms, bringing with it a substantial number of noteworthy changes and enhancements. This sequel comes a significant 13 years after the release of the original game in 2010.

Alan Wake 2 made a strong debut, earning an impressive average critic score of 89 on Metacritic at the time of writing. The user score is equally high, standing at 87, indicating positive reception from players. The development team has now rolled out a new update, introducing a host of valuable improvements and fixes.


This update, as outlined in the patch notes, encompasses over 200 enhancements and fixes, including specific adjustments for certain missions. Global improvements cover localization, with enhanced localized audio for the live-action cinematics in Alan Wake 2. The update also addresses various graphical issues, refines lighting, and fine-tunes gameplay elements. Furthermore, it resolves map-related issues and addresses a potential bug that could lead to player obstruction.

The patch notes go on to detail mission-specific changes and improvements. This includes fixes for instances where characters like Saga could become stuck in the environment or where Alan might fall through the world. Situations where players could find themselves outside the game world after opening the map have also been rectified. Additionally, various circumstances that could impede progress through the story have been addressed.

The final section of the patch notes focuses on fixes specific to the PC version of Alan Wake 2. It confirms the resolution of a bug causing graphical settings to reset after launching the game. Additionally, a fix has been implemented for instances where the mouse cursor failed to appear in the menus.

In summary, update 08 for Alan Wake 2 introduces a range of significant changes aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. This patch not only addresses a wide array of bugs throughout the game but also provides mission-specific improvements, along with fixes for PC-specific issues.


About Alan Wake 2 Update 08


-Various localization fixes, such as improved subtitle timings for all languages

–Improved localized audio for live-action cinematics

–Various audio-related improvements and additional polish

–Improved lip sync in some instances

–Fixed various graphical issues in the environments

–Fixed various minor issues in cinematics

–Minor improvements to image aliasing in Performance mode and Xbox Series S

–Improved lighting

-Fixed lighting bugs in multiple locations

–Various UI-related fixes and additional polish

–Various gameplay fixes and improvements

–Minor gameplay finetuning

–Improved auto-aim for specific circumstances

–Fixed rare player character animation issues

–Fixed various issues in the Case Board

–Fixed various map issues

–Several conversations failing to trigger and thus blocking progress later have been fixed

-Fixed Rose’s dialogue choices, sometimes not being selectable, blocking progress

–Fixed a rare issue with Saga’s lines not playing when going to the Sheriff’s Station, blocking progress

–Resolved a potential problem in the player getting stuck in a Case Board Tutorial

–Fixed exploration rewards for Lighthouse

Mission specific


-Fixed a bug where Saga could get stuck in the environment (“Crazy forest”)


-Fixed potential issue with players able to get stuck when falling from ladders

-Fixed potential issues with Dark Presence (it remains a threat)

-Fixed a rare crash


-Fixed a bug where Alan could fall through the environment


-Fixed a bug where Saga could fall through the world

-Fixed a bug in where a gate could get locked after reloading a save game, causing the player to get blocked from progressing

-Fixed an issue where, in rare circumstances, the player could end up outside of the game world when opening the map

-Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the Lighthouse key could not be picked up


-Fixed a bug where Alan could get stuck in the environment

ROOM 665:

-Fixed an issue that caused the Oceanview Hotel Lobby Echo not to align correctly (this one was really annoying; we apologize)


-Fixed an issue where if the player performed specific tasks in an unpredictable order, the mission progress could get blocked


-Fixed an issue (much to Rose’s chagrin) with physics-related props that could block the player in and halt progress


-Fixed an issue where the player, in rare instances, could not exit the radio, TV, or manuscript interact modules.

PC specific

–Fixed a bug that could cause graphics settings to reset when launching the game

–Improvements to PC Window handling logic

–Fixed mouse cursor sometimes not appearing in menus