Alan Wake 2: Initiation 4: We Sing Walkthrough!


The previous segment of “Alan Wake 2,” known as Initiation 3: Haunted, was notably short. However, as the game progresses, it opens up to offer more gameplay. Following some cutscenes and interactions with Alan Wake, players are presented with a choice of who to play as: Saga or Alan. Both characters have their unique missions, and players have the flexibility to tackle them in any order.

For those keen on continuing Alan’s storyline, this walkthrough will guide you through his stages, followed by Saga’s. It’s important to be aware that this guide contains spoilers, so proceed with caution.

The Performance:
Upon starting Initiation 4: We Sing, the setting may seem reminiscent of Initiation 1: Late Night. However, now Alan exhibits greater control over the nightmarish environment he’s trapped in. When prompted, interact with the TV, which initiates a captivating musical experience. If you find yourself disoriented, the live actors periodically gesture in a direction, indicating your path.


As you progress through this area, interact with the TV at the end to advance the story. This leads to an award ceremony with a musical twist. Head towards the back left, where you’ll find a large ladder. Traverse the catwalk to the end, where you’ll discover an Angel Lamp that emits light. This reveals a new path. Descend the ladder, and you’ll come across a flashlight and a gun on the ground.

Although it may seem like you’ve exited the studio, you’re still within its surreal confines. Keep moving forward, following neon signs leading to the Getaway Club. These signs guide you to a lamp post where you can acquire light using the Angel Lamp. Return to the Taxi, insert the light, and a TV will materialize. Interact with it to enter yet another mesmerizing musical sequence.

Follow the path after the gate opens, and locate a ladder leading upward. The live actors will continue to offer directional cues. At the top of the ladder, you’ll encounter a replica of the Writer’s Room, complete with a typewriter and flare gun. The path forward unlocks once you obtain the flare gun.

Now, it’s time to face off against the Taken. Your battery supply might be limited, but the flare gun can take down a Taken with a single shot. If you can get them to group together, one shot can dispatch multiple Taken at once. Keep an eye out for red boxes, as they provide ample supplies of batteries and ammo.

Returning to the Studio:
Continue along the path until you reach another replica of the Writer’s Room. Interact with the TV to find yourself back in the studio. Proceed through the door and activate the Echo, setting off a new musical number. Move ahead and ascend the seemingly endless ladder, where you’ll encounter a storyboard for the Herald of Darkness. Place the Song’s End storythread onto the scene to summon a TV that you can interact with.

Following one final live-action musical performance, the spectacle concludes. Pass by Ahti, who hums the lyrics from earlier, though there’s no option to engage with him. Head towards the exit sign, finding a save point and an area to switch over to Saga. For now, this walkthrough will concentrate on Alan’s narrative. Save your progress and proceed towards the door, leading you outside. As Alan reflects, head towards the ringing payphone.

Journey to the Oceanview Hotel:
After the enigmatic call, look to your left for the prominent neon sign that reads “Oceanview Hotel” and make your way towards it. Enter the hotel and navigate down the hallway. If it seems straightforward, it’s because it is.

However, attempting to enter the hotel from this direction proves futile, as you’ll find yourself back at the entrance. Exit the hotel and follow the neon sign directing you to the “Mirror Peak Bar.” Heed the arrows, and take a right down the alley to trigger a crucial cutscene, concluding this chapter.

“Alan Wake 2” is currently available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.