Alan Wake 2 Director Reveals Vision for Remedy’s Future Projects


Sam Lake, the director behind Alan Wake 2, has expressed interest in working on a high-budget dark gothic fantasy title for Remedy Entertainment’s next project. This potential shift into the realm of fantasy comes as a surprise to some, given the distinctive visual style of Alan Wake 2, which draws inspiration from True Detective. While the decision to release Alan Wake 2 exclusively in digital format has raised concerns about game preservation, the game has received glowing reviews from critics, lauding its style, suspense, and gameplay.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Lake discussed various aspects of his life, sources of inspiration for games, and his outlook for the future. Lake hinted at the possibility of retiring from the gaming industry at some point to pursue other interests, but it seems that moment has not arrived yet. When asked about the kinds of stories he envisions telling while still in the industry, Lake revealed his aspiration for a “huge-budget” dark gothic fantasy narrative that he has yet to bring to fruition.

While the prospect of a dark gothic fantasy setting is intriguing, it’s important to approach Lake’s comments with a degree of caution. This statement is far from an official announcement, and it’s equally possible that fans may see a sequel to Alan Wake 2 given the positive reception it has received. Alan Wake 2 has already introduced significant innovations to the franchise, including the introduction of two switchable protagonists, a heightened emphasis on horror, and a distinct visual style. There is still ample room for further development in this direction.


As for Alan Wake 2, while Sam Lake contemplates the future, the game has just been launched and has more content in store for players. A confirmed paid expansion is on the horizon, alongside free DLCs. With substantially more gameplay hours compared to its predecessor, Alan Wake 2 is poised to keep fans engaged for an extended period, especially with the addition of the New Game Plus mode.