‘Ahsoka’ Episode 7 Recap!


In Episode 7 of “Ahsoka,” titled “Dreams and Madness,” the story reaches its penultimate climax. After a brief absence, Ahsoka, accompanied by her loyal companion Huyang, embarks on a new adventure with the Purrgils. Along the way, Ahsoka takes time to train with holograms left by her former master Anakin Skywalker, revealing that she is still haunted by her past.

The episode begins with Hera Syndulla facing a skeptical and condescending panel of senators who doubt her reports about Morgan Elsbeth and Thrawn. However, C-3PO arrives with an urgent message from Senator Leia Organa, seemingly confirming Hera’s mission. Chancellor Mothma senses that Senator Organa was unaware of the mission, raising suspicions.

As Ahsoka and Huyang enter a new galaxy, they find themselves in the midst of an Imperial minefield. Ahsoka expertly navigates through the exploding mines, showcasing her skill. Meanwhile, Morgan presents Thrawn with her findings about the Jedi, including her connection to Anakin Skywalker.


Thrawn is surprised to learn about Anakin’s role as Ahsoka’s master. He realizes that Ahsoka’s priority is finding Sabine, and conveniently knows her location. Baylan instructs Shin to eliminate Ezra and Sabine, hinting at a parting of ways.

Sabine fills Ezra in on the events since his disappearance but doesn’t reveal how she found him. Ahsoka reaches out to Sabine through the Force, surprising her. The group faces off against scavengers in a lively chase scene, with Ahsoka joining the fight.

Ahsoka encounters Baylan, engaging in a lightsaber battle. The fight, cloaked in white-grey robes and dim lighting, lacks impact. Ahsoka creates a distraction to escape and reach Sabine and Ezra.

As Ahsoka arrives, they are surrounded by Night Troopers. Ezra suggests talking to distract Shin, allowing Ahsoka to intervene. The ensuing battle is a whirlwind of lightsabers and blasters. Shin realizes her plan has failed and Thrawn sees it as a success, nearly completing his cargo transfer.

The episode ends with a heartwarming moment as Ezra realizes he can finally return home. However, the threat of Thrawn looms, raising questions about the future. The Season 1 finale of “Ahsoka” has much ground to cover to establish the direction of the story, especially in portraying Thrawn as a genuine threat in the galaxy’s unstable period.