Ahsoka Achieves a Crucial Milestone for Dave Filoni within the Star Wars Universe


“Ahsoka” marked a pivotal moment within the Star Wars universe, granting one of its most cherished characters her own spotlight. The project not only heralded the live-action arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn but also saw the return of Ezra Bridger to the familiar realm of the Star Wars galaxy. Surprisingly, this aspect might have been the defining factor that validated the entire endeavor for Dave Filoni.

As a longstanding creative force in the Star Wars realm, Filoni has passionately championed Ahsoka Tano from her inception in The Clone Wars. Ahsoka, heralded as one of the finest characters in Star Wars lore, emerged as a compelling counterpart to Anakin Skywalker during her tenure as his padawan in the animated series. Later, disillusioned by the Jedi, she charted her own course, setting the stage for her eventual standalone project on Disney Plus.

The expectation of Ahsoka eventually helming her own series or movie materialized in her eponymous Disney Plus show. Teaming up with Sabine Wren, Ahsoka embarked on a mission to rescue Ezra, who found himself stranded in another galaxy with Thrawn. While they succeeded in rescuing their friend, they themselves were left behind. Filoni, uncertain about the prospect of Ahsoka season 2, finds solace in having brought Ezra back, emphasizing its significance.


“I’ve set up several threads that can continue, but if not, I feel like, well, at least I got Ezra home, and that was really important,” says Filoni to Entertainment Weekly. “But there’s always a plan. I hope one day we’ll see it. It could be very cool, but it took a while to get [Ahsoka] done, so you never know.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming content, certainty is a rarity. Despite “Ahsoka” existing within the expansive Star Wars franchise, Disney and Lucasfilm’s strategies are continuously in flux. The uncertain fate of numerous Star Wars productions, detailed in their movies guide, underscores the fluidity of their plans.

“Ahsoka” concluded with a suspenseful cliffhanger, leaving Thrawn on Dathomir while Ahsoka and Sabine found themselves stranded on Peridea with Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. Such unresolved plotlines are unlikely to remain unaddressed. However, the form of the impending sequel remains uncertain. The prospects of an Ahsoka-centric Star Wars film or Disney Plus special seem favorable given her immense popularity, the favorable reception of the supporting cast, and Lucasfilm’s inclination towards experimentation on the streaming platform.

The MCU’s foray into specials like “Werewolf By Night” and “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” on Disney Plus sets a precedent for Lucasfilm to explore similar avenues. Filoni’s creative prowess, coupled with his elevated role as the chief creative officer, empowers him with the freedom to shape and narrate the story as he envisions it. This liberty could potentially pave the way for new and exciting storytelling within the Star Wars universe.