Adriana Lima Without Makeup Is Just Pure Beauty!


Adriana Lima, renowned for her modelling prowess, often relies on makeup as a key part of her professional toolkit. While frequently showcasing impeccable beauty looks during her tenure with Victoria’s Secret, Lima’s association with the brand elevated her status as a globally recognized model, granting her access to top-tier makeup artists within the beauty industry. However, there are moments when she allows her natural beauty to shine through, breaking away from the layers of makeup.

Expressing a sentiment akin to Cinderella’s reluctance to part with her enchanted attire, Lima occasionally chooses not to remove meticulously crafted makeup, cherishing the artistry of the makeup artists. This sentiment was echoed in her statement to “Good Morning America” regarding her reluctance to wipe away a makeup masterpiece, preferring to wake up the next day with the same stunning look intact.

Moreover, Lima’s unconventional approach to mascara involves layering it continuously for a day or two without removal. This method, while unconventional, maintains her desired lash effect, yet she does share glimpses of herself without heavily mascaraed lashes in certain selfies.


The public perception of a supermodel’s life as purely glamorous is debunked by Lima herself. She highlights the lesser-known aspects of the profession, such as extensive travel, fittings, and enduring long hours in makeup chairs. Lima once revealed through social media the grueling nature of her work, describing a 10-hour shoot despite battling illness, underscoring the dedication required in her profession.

In a notable Instagram post, Lima bravely showcased her unadorned face, dispelling the misconception that modeling is perpetually glamorous. Contrary to this perception, she shared the toll it takes on her physical well-being, including slight signs of exhaustion and the effects of a cold. This candid portrayal aimed to underscore the reality of a hard working model’s life.

Despite occasionally sharing makeup-free moments, Lima is known for her preference for makeup, even applying it before hitting the gym. This dedication to maintaining her appearance aligns with her role as the face of sweat-proof makeup products.

Moreover, Lima’s recent response to speculation about cosmetic procedures showcased her raw and unfiltered perspective. Addressing comments about her appearance, she posted a bare-faced photo, attributing her look to the challenges of being a mother to three children and three dogs, dispelling assumptions about cosmetic enhancements.

Throughout her career, Lima has addressed perceptions about ageing in the modelling industry, embracing the idea of graceful aging while prioritizing her personal makeup choices. She adamantly expressed her commitment to maintaining her preferred makeup style despite the passage of time, emphasizing her intention to continue wearing makeup without compromise.