A timeline of Taylor Swift’s past relationships and current romance with Travis Kelce

From high-profile breakups to the new love connection


Taylor Swift’s romantic life has always been a topic of fascination, with her relationships often playing out in the public eye and her music. From brief flings to enduring love stories, Taylor Swift has woven her personal experiences into her art. Here’s a comprehensive look at her dating history and her current romance with Travis Kelce.

July 2008—October 2008: Joe Jonas
Taylor’s journey into the world of high-profile dating began with Joe Jonas. Their short-lived romance stirred significant drama, particularly when Joe ended things with a 25-second phone call. Taylor later penned “Forever and Always” with pointed lyrics. The breakup became part of pop culture, with Taylor even referencing it during a Saturday Night Live appearance in 2009.

March 2009—April 2009: Lucas Till
Taylor’s connection with Lucas Till was brief, as their personalities clicked more on a friendship level. Their relationship was characterized by amicability, with Lucas describing their connection as genuinely liking each other but not evolving into a romantic partnership.


Fall 2009: Taylor Lautner
While filming “Valentine’s Day,” Taylor and Taylor Lautner kindled a relationship. She allegedly wrote “Back to December” about him, and in 2023, they were on good terms as Taylor Lautner married another Taylor.

December 2009—February 2010: John Mayer
Taylor’s relationship with John Mayer was short but memorable. Their breakup was messy, primarily due to John’s negative reaction to Taylor’s song “Dear John,” which he publicly criticized. The relationship became infamous, with both parties sharing their perspectives on it.

October 2010—January 2011: Jake Gyllenhaal
Us Weekly reported their relationship, and Jake’s sudden and abrupt breakup with Taylor left her feeling hurt and confused. This period inspired several songs on Taylor’s “Red” album. Despite the breakup, Jake was comfortable with Taylor’s songwriting about their relationship.

July 2012—October 2012: Conor Kennedy
Taylor’s relationship with Conor Kennedy made headlines, but their split was amicable, attributed to distance. Despite the breakup, it remains a curiosity that Taylor didn’t become a casual Kennedy.

November 2012—January 2013: Harry Styles
Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor was intense but short-lived, spanning just three months. Their romance ignited numerous rumors, particularly when they were photographed at the Central Park Zoo. After a brief vacation, they broke up, with Harry experiencing a memorable mention in Taylor’s 2013 Grammys performance.

February 2015—May 2016: Calvin Harris
Taylor’s relationship with Calvin Harris began with a chance encounter at the Elle Style Awards and evolved into a public affair, even celebrating their one-year anniversary. However, they later parted ways, and their breakup turned messy with accusations of cheating.

May 2016—September 2016: Tom Hiddleston
Taylor and Tom Hiddleston’s whirlwind romance commenced at the Met Gala, quickly escalating. After an ocean-side fling, questions arose about the authenticity of their relationship. Their romance ended in September 2016.

May 2017—April 2023: Joe Alwyn
Taylor and Joe Alwyn’s relationship reportedly began at the Met Gala, further fueled by lyrics in her song “Dress.” Their romance blossomed, with Joe even collaborating on Taylor’s music. The couple’s six-year relationship concluded amicably in April 2023, marking a significant chapter in Taylor’s life.

May 2023—June 2023: Matty Healy
Rumors of Taylor and Matty Healy dating surfaced in 2016 but faded with time. Their connection seemed to reignite in May 2023, but it didn’t lead to a lasting romance.

September 2023—Right Now: Travis Kelce
Taylor’s current romantic interest is Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Their connection developed in July 2023 during Taylor’s Eras Tour, where Travis gifted her a friendship bracelet. The relationship has grown closer, with Taylor attending Chiefs games and celebrating victories with Travis, marking a fresh chapter in her love life.

Taylor Swift’s dating history is a testament to her open and honest approach to love and relationships, which has enriched her artistry and connected with fans worldwide. As her love life continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate the new songs and stories that will emerge from her current romance with Travis Kelce.