A Major Loophole Leaves One Yellowstone Character Hanging


Yellowstone, beloved by its fan base, often faces scrutiny for inconsistencies in character arcs or plotlines, although fans maintain their affection for the show despite these occasional hiccups.

The latest stumble in Yellowstone’s narrative was recently highlighted on Reddit, focusing on a legal issue concerning Walker, a problematic character. In the lead-up to Yellowstone season 5 part 2, Walker was preparing to accompany others to Texas to transport cattle, which seemed puzzling to some viewers.

One Reddit user, weshardeniv, pointed out the inconsistency: “The whole reason Walker is back working the ranch after striking a deal with Kayce to avoid the train station by ‘disappearing’ is because he is on parole and can’t leave the state. Unless his parole has ended, or he sought permission through the court to temporarily relocate due to employment requirements, he shouldn’t be able to go with Jake, Ryan, Teeter, and Rip.”


Walker initially joined the Dutton ranch reluctantly and eventually threatened to leave due to disagreements with John Dutton’s methods. Subsequently, Kayce offered him the option to vanish from the state, yet Walker, bound by parole restrictions, returned to the ranch.

This raises valid questions about Walker’s ability to join the Texas trip. However, insightful fans have presented potential explanations for his upcoming departure.

“Some fans suggest that as he only answers to a parole officer, John or Kayce could have taken custody of him, given their government roles in livestock,” notes sameshitdfrntacct. “They could have easily used their influence to resolve the matter.”

Further insight suggests, “A person on probation can leave the state for work if they notify their probation officer,” according to the same user, addressing this issue as a plausible scenario rather than a plot hole.

Additionally, some fans point out the overarching influence of John Dutton: “His boss is the governor and the governor can unilaterally issue a pardon,” as fusionaddict highlighted. This underscores John’s significant pull and ability to circumvent legal obstacles.

In the world of Yellowstone, where John Dutton’s influence seems boundless, it’s acknowledged that if John desires something, he typically achieves it, regardless of legal restrictions. Moreover, given the impending conclusion of Yellowstone, the Texas trip and Walker’s legal predicaments might be brushed aside.

Chances are, the show might simply gloss over the Texas excursion, absolving Walker of any legal entanglements. In the grand scheme, it might not significantly impact the storyline, especially considering the show’s imminent conclusion.