‘A Haunting In Venice’ Movie Trailer Released!


The latest teaser for A Haunting in Venice teases a new character who is really modelled on author Agatha Christie. In a considerably darker instalment of the franchise, Kenneth Branagh returns as both director and performer after appearing in two previous films as Christie’s renowned investigator Hercule Poirot. Based on Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, A Haunting in Venice provides a completely new ensemble of individuals for Poirot to investigate after a séance goes horribly wrong.

Tina Fey’s character is revealed to be partially based on Christie herself in a new featurette trailer for the upcoming movie A Haunting in Venice that 20th Century Studios has published on YouTube. The short emphasises all the new suspects. Here is a trailer to watch:


Along with other actors, the teaser gives viewers a fresh look at characters portrayed by Jamie Dornan, Michelle Yeoh, Amir El-Masry, Camille Cotton, and Kelly Reilly.

Poirot is the sole recognisable face in the cast of A Haunting in Venice, which is completely fresh for the series compared to Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile. The preceding episodes (as well as Christie’s source material) imply that each new character will be different and have a very particular function in the plot, even though many specifics about them are yet unclear.

Every new individual in A Haunting in Venice is a suspect in not one, but two deaths that take place during the séance, as was also made evident by the film’s earlier teasers. The event’s organiser appears to be Mrs. Reynolds, played by Yeoh, since trailers depict her directing activities and maybe even getting possessed by a demonic entity. Ariadne Oliver, played by Fey, first seems to be an old acquaintance of Poirot’s, but as the killings begin, she is simply another suspect.

While Dornan portrays Dr. Leslie Ferrier, El-Masry portrays Alessandro Longo, Reilly portrays Rowena Drake, and Cottin portrays Olga Seminoff, nothing is known about the new characters in the movie other than their respective names. It’s also unclear who of the new people in A Haunting in Venice will pass away, although it seems like at least two of them will. It’s doubtful that many additional hints will be revealed prior to the release of the next movie because a big part of the pleasure of Christie’s murder mysteries and Branagh’s adaptations is trying to unravel the mystery as the plot proceeds.