A breakdown of Nikki Glaser’s plastic surgery transformation


The Netflix “Roast of Tom Brady” in May 2024 was a star-studded affair, featuring comedic heavyweights like Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. However, it was comedian Nikki Glaser who stole the show with her sharp wit and fearless humor. Fans took to social media, praising Glaser’s performance, with one fan on X (formerly Twitter) declaring her the “MVP of the Tom Brady Roast.” Despite her stellar set, Glaser had to tone down some of her jokes, including a particularly biting remark about Brady’s alleged cosmetic surgery that didn’t make it to the final cut. “Tom, I love your work — that you’ve done on your face … You look like a Ken doll that was microwaved,” Glaser shared on “The Howard Stern Show” the day after the roast aired.

Interestingly, it wasn’t just her humor that caught the audience’s attention; Glaser’s own appearance became a topic of discussion. Viewers speculated on the noticeable changes in her look, with some questioning on social media if she had undergone cosmetic procedures. “What did Nikki Glaser do? Face barely recognizable,” one X user wrote, while another asked about possible cheekbone implants or other changes. This scrutiny of her appearance led to a broader conversation about the pressures of looking a certain way in the public eye.

A few days after the roast aired, Glaser addressed these issues on “The Pat McAfee Show” on May 9, 2024. She candidly discussed the challenges of performing in front of a massive audience, acknowledging the harsh reality of ageism in the entertainment industry. “No matter how talented you are, people don’t wanna look at your aging face,” she stated. Glaser has been open about her cosmetic procedures, including botox and lip injections, and her ongoing struggle with body image issues.

Nikki Glaser and Cosmetic Procedures

Nikki Glaser has been transparent about her use of cosmetic enhancements. In an appearance on “Conan” in August 2018, she openly discussed getting botox and lip injections. “Oh yeah, and I’ll do it again,” she told Conan O’Brien, encouraging other women to consider similar procedures if it helps them feel better about their appearance. She joked about the temporary nature of lip injections, noting that they were gone by the time of her interview.

A year later, on “The Howard Stern Show” in September 2019, Glaser elaborated on her desire for further cosmetic surgery, despite Stern’s attempts to dissuade her. She acknowledged the influence of societal standards of beauty, expressing a wish that she didn’t place so much value on looks but feeling pressured to maintain a certain appearance in her profession.

Struggles with Body Image

Glaser has long been candid about her body image issues and struggles with eating disorders. In a 2021 interview on the Daily Beast’s “The Last Laugh” podcast, she spoke about embracing superficiality and the importance of being perceived as attractive. She admitted that her self-worth was heavily tied to her appearance and how she was perceived by others.

Her openness about these issues continued in a May 2022 essay for The Cut, where she discussed her experiences with anorexia and bulimia. Following the Tom Brady roast, she confessed to Vanity Fair that jokes about her looks still affected her deeply. “You’re sitting there smiling and laughing, and I’m just turning off my brain in the moment because I don’t want any offense to register. But then I subconsciously store it away for later and torture myself over it,” she revealed, highlighting the emotional toll of public scrutiny.

Nikki Glaser’s performance at the roast and her subsequent reflections on appearance and body image underscore the complex interplay between humor, self-perception, and societal expectations in the world of entertainment.