A ‘Baby Reindeer’ battle of the Marthas begins as Netflix star hits back at Fiona Harvey


The conversation surrounding “Baby Reindeer” continues to thrive, even as other Netflix titles like “Bridgerton” capture viewers’ attention. Martha Fiona Harvey’s decision to sue Netflix for defamation, fueled by her denial of certain incidents depicted in the series, has added fuel to the fire.

Jessica Gunning, who portrays Martha Scott in the show, recently weighed in on the ongoing drama. In an interview with RadioTimes.com, Gunning expressed her reluctance to engage in debates about the show’s accuracy, citing her close relationship with Richard Gadd, the show’s creator and lead actor. Gunning emphasized Gadd’s personal experiences of survival from sexual assault and stalking, urging sensitivity towards his narrative.

While Gunning did not directly address Harvey’s claims, she shared her perspective on portraying Martha, a character closely inspired by Harvey. She clarified that she approached Martha as a fictional character rather than attempting to impersonate a real person. Gunning acknowledged the complexity of the situation but underscored her commitment to portraying emotionally authentic characters within the show’s narrative framework.


Despite Gadd facing criticism and accusations, including being labeled a “psychopath” and accused of gaslighting, Gunning commended his bravery in sharing his personal story. She emphasized her support for Gadd and her desire to shield him from potential distress caused by the ongoing controversy.

As an actor involved in the project, Gunning aims to focus on her craft and the success of “Baby Reindeer,” distancing herself from the legal disputes surrounding the show. Her hope is to enjoy the show’s achievements without being embroiled in any repercussions resulting from external controversies.