’90 Day Fiance’: Shawn and Alliya’s relationship explained


Shawn Finch and Alliya Batista, featured on “90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise,” showcase the enduring power of love amidst unique circumstances. While their relationship shares common challenges with other couples on the show, such as long-distance separation and dreams of marriage, what truly sets them apart is the journey of identity and acceptance they’ve traversed together.

In Season 4, episode 1, Shawn excitedly shares with his hairdresser about meeting someone special, describing Alliya as a beautiful Brazilian who prefers him as a blond. He expresses deep affection for Alliya, describing her as “the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” Despite the complexities of their relationship, Shawn’s love for Alliya shines through.

The introduction of Alliya, formerly known as Douglas, adds another layer to their story. Shawn candidly shares the evolution of their relationship, from Douglas to Alliya, highlighting the transition Alliya underwent. Despite initial challenges and the absence of closure, Shawn remains supportive and committed to their love.


The 36-year age gap between them is notable, with Shawn at 61 and Alliya at 25, yet their bond transcends age disparities. Alliya’s acceptance of Shawn’s proposal signifies the depth of their connection and mutual respect.

Navigating a partner’s transition can be complex and emotionally challenging, as Shawn acknowledges. He candidly expresses his feelings of sadness and the desire for closure regarding Douglas. Despite these hurdles, Shawn remains understanding and empathetic, prioritizing Alliya’s happiness and personal growth.

In an interview with Distractify, Alliya reflects on their relationship, emphasizing Shawn’s acceptance and respect for her identity. Unlike past experiences where others attempted to control her femininity, Alliya appreciates Shawn’s embrace of her true self. Their relationship thrives on mutual support and the freedom to be authentic individuals.

Ultimately, Shawn and Alliya’s love story serves as a testament to the power of acceptance, understanding, and unconditional love, regardless of external circumstances. Their journey exemplifies the beauty of embracing one another’s true selves and fostering a relationship built on respect, love, and mutual empowerment.