6 Upcoming shows you must watch on Netflix this week!


You know, there are times when we are so preoccupied with organising things that we overlook the minor opportunities to flee. At the end of a long day, we all want to crash at home, change into our pyjamas, and binge watch something that will keep us engrossed for the rest of the weekend or perhaps just to satisfy our cravings.

Are you one of those people who never seems to find anything fresh and ends up watching the same old programmes over and over again? You don’t need to worry any longer because we have the ideal combination waiting for you in the form of six new Netflix series this week!


A Time Called You


Ahn Hyo-seop falls in love in new 'A Time Called You' trailer

Joon-hee, who lost her partner Yeon-joon a year ago, is still grieving in the year 2023. She somehow returns to 1998 and awakens in the body of a different person, where she encounters a man who has an eerie likeness to her late love.

Watch this Friday’s release of K-drama that will make you swoon and cry!


Virgin River (Season 5 Part 1)


Melinda Monroe learns that small-town life isn’t always easy when she responds to an advertisement for a nurse practitioner job in the isolated California hamlet of Virgin River. She’s astonished by who she meets as she looks for a new cut. Season 5 Part 1 will premiere on Netflix on September 7th, continuing the events and cliffhangers from Season 4!


Burning Body


A burned-out man’s body is discovered inside a vehicle in Barcelona’s Foix reservoir. The incident sparks public interest, and this is made worse by the investigations that reveal a labyrinth of unhealthy relationships, lies, violence, and sexual scandals.


Dear Child


Lena, Hannah, and Jonathan lived in utter seclusion in a very safe home. They go about their everyday business as normal up until she flees. She had an accident and finds herself in the hospital, but when her parents arrive that same night, everything changes. For over 13 years, they have been frantically looking for their daughter who has vanished.

Specifically a limited series on Netflix, this German TV drama starts streaming on Thursday!




The focus of this documentary is on intelligence agents from the CIA and MI6. In this intriguing documentary, the operatives reveal firsthand accounts of spycraft, Cold War operations, and covert agent coups.


Top Boy (Season 3)


Drug traffickers from the second season return to London’s grimy streets after growing their lucrative underground trade. They collaborate with top don Bobby Raikes in their chase of wealth to become the richest guy on the block. After a string of terrible incidents, these lads return to the racecourse to retake their place.