5-letter words ending in NGE – ‘Wordle’ game help


Using a set of common five-letter words ending with “NGE” can indeed help deduce the final letters in a Wordle puzzle. The strategy of employing familiar words and guessing vowels to reveal more letters is generally effective in narrowing down the potential options.

Here’s 5-letter words ending in NGE:

1. Binge
2. Conge
3. Dinge
4. Funge
5. Gunge
6. Henge
7. Hinge
8. Longe
9. Lunge
10. Mange
11. Menge
12. Munge
13. Penge
14. Range
15. Singe
16. Tenge
17. Venge
18. Wenge
19. Winge


Using these words as a reference point, you can explore various combinations and derive potential solutions for your ongoing Wordle puzzle. Remember to employ your deduction skills, consider common letter patterns, and eliminate unlikely options based on the letters you’ve already guessed correctly.

If you don’t solve the puzzle today, don’t worry! There’s always another chance to tackle a new Wordle challenge and put your word-guessing skills to the test.