21 Savage Net Worth 2023!


Sheyaa Bin Abraham Joseph, who was born on October 22, 1992, in London, England, is known by the stage moniker 21 Savage. At the Newham University Hospital, he was born. Due to the fact that both of Joseph’s parents were born in the Caribbean, he is of Caribbean origin.

His parents stayed in London, but his grandparents, who were originally from the Caribbean, travelled there for a visit. Due to his parents’ divorce, 21 Savage experienced a somewhat traumatic upbringing. When he was quite young, his parents divorced. Later, he and his mother made the move to Atlanta, Georgia. His father, nevertheless, remained in London.


21 Savage Net Worth


One of the most well-known figures in music is 21 Savage. He made his debut in 2012, and since then, he has rapidly amassed fame and fans from all around the world. All of his tracks, but notably his raps, have received positive feedback from the public.

In 2023, professional rapper 21 Savage will be worth $20 million. He is a highly talented and youthful rapper who has made a number of albums and mixtapes that have brought him great recognition. His subsequent EP made him well-known across the world after his first two mixtapes, which were published in 2015, made him renowned in America. His tracks have reached the top of the Billboard list.

21 Savage is a phenomenon who has accomplished incredible things in a short amount of time. He is an incredible rapper from America who does hip-hop music. His two solo albums and three albums with collaborators have made him well-known all around the world. In his brief career to date, he has also garnered honours and honours. The total wealth of 21 Savage is $20 million dollars.

21 Savage is an extremely successful young artist with a tonne of possessions, including properties and other things. He has a sizable number of properties in both England and America. He has homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta. In addition, he has a home in London, the city of his birth. A number of his other possessions go unmentioned.

21 Savage is a very successful individual who has a large number of automobiles. He is the owner of several incredibly stunning and expensive vehicles, including Ferrari, McLaren, Lexus, Chevrolet Camaro, and others. He particularly likes driving sports vehicles since they are swift like his rap.