Top 4 restaurants popular for seafood in Illinois


Illinois might not be a coastal state, but its culinary scene boasts a delightful array of seafood options that rival even the most coastal cities. From fresh catches to innovative seafood preparations, here are four restaurants that elevate seafood dining experiences in the heart of the Midwest.

1. Shaw’s Crab House – Chicago

Chicago - Shaw's Crab House
image credits: Shaw’s Crab House


Located in the bustling city of Chicago, Shaw’s Crab House stands as an institution in the seafood dining scene. Renowned for its extensive oyster selection, this restaurant offers an impressive range of seafood dishes prepared with finesse. From Alaskan king crab legs to their signature lobster bisque, Shaw’s commitment to freshness and quality is evident in every bite.

2. The Angry Crab – Multiple Locations

Angry Crab Shack opening first location in Henderson
image credits: KTNV

Bringing a unique twist to seafood dining, The Angry Crab is where flavor and fun collide. Known for its Cajun-inspired seafood boils, patrons are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and dive into bags filled with a medley of shellfish, corn, potatoes, and the restaurant’s signature spice blend. The communal dining experience and bold flavors make this spot a favorite for those seeking a lively atmosphere alongside their seafood feast.

3. Bob Chinn’s Crab House – Wheeling

Bob Chinn's Will Live On, Even Without Bob Chinn - Eater Chicago
image credits: eater chicago

A family-owned establishment since 1982, Bob Chinn’s Crab House is a seafood lover’s paradise. Recognized for its expansive menu featuring seafood from around the globe, this restaurant prides itself on offering fresh catches prepared in various styles. The Mai Tai Swordfish and Alaskan King Crab legs are standout dishes that keep patrons coming back for more.

4. The Capital Grille – Chicago

Lombard | Locations | The Capital Grille Restaurant
image credits: the capital grille

While known for its steaks, The Capital Grille in Chicago boasts an exceptional seafood selection that rivals its meat offerings. With an elegant ambiance and impeccable service, this restaurant presents a seafood menu featuring dishes like the Lobster and Crab Burger or the Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon. The attention to detail in preparation and presentation sets The Capital Grille apart as an ideal destination for seafood aficionados.

Whether you’re seeking a casual seafood boil experience or a refined dining affair, these four restaurants in Illinois promise an unforgettable journey through the flavors of the sea. Each establishment showcases the diversity and quality of seafood dining options available in the heart of the Midwest, proving that great seafood knows no geographical boundaries.