11 Israeli hostages freed by Hamas today, includes French, Argentinian, and German


As per the latest update from Qatar, regarding the 11 Israeli hostages freed tonight from Gaza by Hamas, it includes several dual nationals.

Majed Al-Ansari, spokesperson for Qatari Foreign Ministry, has said that the among the Israelis released from Gaza “includes 3 French citizens, 2 German citizens, and 6 Argentinian citizens.”

He also confirmed the claims earlier made by Hamas that the Palestinian prisoners which are due to be released today include 3o children and 3 women.


Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev confirmed that among the released Israelis, there were several children, including a three-year-old twins.

BBC reported, citing his statement, that the hostages are already transferred to the Red Cross. “We are waiting for them to be back on Israeli soil – only when they are back at home can we say this has been truly done.”

He added that since the beginning of negotiations, Israel has prioritized 50 women and children to be freed over four days.

The temporary truce deal has been extended by U.S., Hamas, and Qatar. However, Israel is yet to officially confirm the extension by two additional days.