Los Angeles I10 freeway fire: State of emergency declared as mayor make requests to businesses


The city leaders of Los Angeles on Sunday gathered to address the destructive storage yard fire that has forced the indefinite closure of the I-10 Freeway. They have made it clear that actions are underway to ease the expected traffic nightmares that will inevitably come along with it.

The commuters are warned to expect delays, as the major thoroughfare which acts as one of the largest arteries to get to and from downtown LA.

On late Sunday afternoon, LA Mayor Karen Bass, in a press conference shared additional information for Angelenos to reference while planning their morning commutes, directing them to the city’s Emergency Management Department.


“Our top line message is this: if you are driving through downtown, stay on the freeway and take the route around,” said Bass.

She also made requests to the businesses located in the areas, as to allow its employees to work from home as the situation develops, hopeful that it will ease the unavoidable gridlock looming.

As per the reports, the massive fire burnt up to 100 columns of underneath the freeway, and the most pressing question is whether the columns in itself will requirement replacement in the upcoming days.